Due to lack of volunteers, Furever Paws Animal Rescue will be closing it's doors and will no longer take in strays or owner surrenders. Please contact your local animal shelter.

Foster a Dog!

We are always in need of fosters! Foster parents teach the basic commands, assist in potty training (if needed), along with socialization.

Fostering helps a rescued dog to find a furever home. Do you have the heart to be a foster?


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Become a Volunteer!

Are you interested in becoming part of the team? We are looking for fun, motivated individuals to join many of the organizations roles. Including fosters, transport, vet check, marketing, fundraising and more!

Complete our Volunteer application to become part of the team today!

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Upcoming Events!

We will be at 7 Oaks Pet Depot in Wesley Chapel, FL Saturday July 9th from 10am – 2 pm. Meet some of the rescued dogs we currently are fostering! This will be an on-going monthly event and we hope to see you there!

If you are interested in adopting or becoming part of the FPAR Team come on in and say hi!

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Foster Coordinator

We are currently looking for a dependable Foster Coordinator. Someone who is experienced with dog breeds, dog behavior in general, and is willing to help our rescue grow! Basically, the foster coordinator will work with foster families. The coordinators job is just to keep in touch with the foster family and make sure all is well. They should watch for the foster dog’s behavioral and/or medical conditions that need attention. That means being available to answer questions, discuss health problems, etc. Encourage the foster family to contact you first with questions; you can always pass questions on if you don’t know the answers!

Event Coordinator

If you are organized, can dedicate a large block of time during the planning of an event and enjoy leading a team of people in support of FPAR, we need you! There are so many great special events that can be held to raise funds for FPAR, but it is a lot of work and takes a very efficient and effective person to lead the effort. Of course our team of volunteers are there for support, especially on the day of the event, however the lead coordinator for the event handles the coordination of everything. This role includes working with members of the community, other volunteers, planning the events, gathering needed supplies, advertising, etc.

Social Marketer

The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with potential fosters & adopters. He/she engages with the community on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning finding our rescue dogs their furever home. Community leadership and participation (both online and offline) are integral to a Social Media Manager’s success. An essential component is communicating the FPAR in a positive, authentic way.

About Furever Paws Animal Rescue

Who We Are

FPAR is a 501(c)(3) organization with a simple mission  – saving lives of adoptable dogs and finding their furever home.   We are a no-kill animal rescue based in Zephyrhills, Florida.  We have fosters and volunteers located around the Tampa Bay Area.  Fosters are compassionate individuals who are willing to take in these beautiful dogs without hesitation and provide them love, safety and security on their journey to their furever home.  

Want to HELP us in our mission and make a donation of items?

Please email info@FPAR.org if you have anything you wish to donate they will set up a pickup/drop off location and time convenient for you. Also please check out our Wishlist Page for more information.