Adopt a Dog

A lifetime of happiness, when you adopt a dog!

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IMPORTANT: If you wish to adopt a dog, please download, complete and submit or print out and email our Adoption Application.


The # 1 reason to Adopt a Dog: YOU save a life!

All animals deserve a second chance when they find their way to the shelter. The FPAR team works diligently to pull adoptable dogs from the kill shelter in and around the Tampa Area.

YOU Help the community with overpopulation

It is a fact, there is not enough homes for all of the dogs born each and every year. When you adopt a dog from a dog rescue or animal shelter you help weaken the overpopulation cycle. 8 to 12 MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized each and every year.

YOU help stop the mass breeders

Thousands of commercial and backyard breeders turn out millions of animals every year. Often referred to as “puppy-mills” these animals are forced to live in unimaginable environments and often spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship.

YOUR new pet is neutered/spayed and up to date with all vaccinations

All of the dogs that come to FPAR are thoroughly checked and evaluated by our experienced volunteers. We work with several reputable veterinarians that ensure our pups leave happy and healthy.


Not ready to adopt yet? Foster!

Help save a life without the long-term commitment! Temporary fosters typically take care of a rescue dog for a short period while we work to find a suitable furever home. Without our foster parents, Furever Paws Animal Rescue could not survive. Our foster parents allow us to rescue more dogs by providing temporary housing and loads of love during our evaluation and training periods while we work diligently to find their very own forever homes.