Dog Body Language | What Your Dog Is Telling You

dog-body-language-playfulDogs have ways of communicating with each other that include a long list of visual and audible cues.

If you watch a group of dog’s interact its fairly easy to see that they know exactly how each other is feeling. Dog’s moods can change quickly from being playful to full on aggression if he/she begins to feel threatened.

Body language is an essential part to understand when working with dogs. Without understanding what things to look out for you may find yourself quickly in an undesirable situation or trying to break up a dog fight.

It is important to be aware of these signals and body postures in order to effectively understand what your dog is feeling. The benefit of you understanding your dogs posture will enable you to better communicate with them, ultimately leading to better relationship with you and your four legged friend.

When it comes to training your dog understanding body posture can prove invaluable. Allowing you to quickly correct bad behavior before the situation has time to escalate.

Most dog’s will give plenty of warning signs before becoming aggressive and many behaviors can be fixed before they even begin.

Dog’s will tell us when they are scared, nervous, or if they are feeling threatened. We just need to take some time and learn a little of their language.