Due to lack of volunteers, Furever Paws Animal Rescue will be closing it's doors and will no longer take in strays or owner surrenders. Please contact your local animal shelter.

FPAR Wishlist

Here are the items we are always in need of! Please email our Donations Coordinator and they will schedule a pick up or drop off location at your convenience!


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• Wet and dry foods for dogs
• Treats
• Peanut Butter
• Toys of all kinds! Especially for hardy chewers and puppies
• EZ up shade tents
• Shampoo for dogs
• Coconut oil
• Nail trimmers, ear cleaner, brushes and other grooming tools
• Yard tie-outs
• Baby gates
• Outdoor kennels,
• Temporary fencing
• Martingale collars
• Leashes


• Thunder Shirts
• Zip lock baggies
• Hand Sanitizer
• Paper towels
• Zip ties
• Flea and Heartworm preventatives
• Newspapers
• Pet-safe cleaning products
• Dog bed, towels, blankets, sheets, pillows
• Food canisters and bins
• Pet store gift cards
• Gas Gift cards for transporters
• Donations of items or gift certificates for raffles at our fundraisers